Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Reasons to be cheerful

Michelle, over at Mummy from the Heart set up a wonderful weekly link up called "Reasons to be cheerful 1,2,3".

She set it up for no other reason than she feels completely blessed in her life. As Michelle says "The best medicine for a negative day is to remind yourself of what you are grateful for".

Well Amen to that!

All you have to do is write a post listing 3 things you are grateful at this particular point in time. Michelle evidently shares some of my values in life; she writes "Do you know what I believe are two of the fundamental keys to happiness? One, is to choose to be happy and the other is to want what you already have!"

This really is the secret law to attracting what you want in life. We all have choices every moment of every day, even when we think we don't. So yes, choose happiness and more happiness will find you :)

Here are my 3 reasons to be cheerful today:

Reason to be cheerful 1

Seeing my daughter's face light up when I do some home baking:

Reason to be cheerful 2

Learning old crafts; in this instance Finger Knitting!

Reason to be cheerful 3

Love in the Mist; a beautiful spring flower:

  What are your three reasons for being cheerful today?


  1. I get so much joy out of homebaking, not through eating it myself but seeing the enjoyment on the face of others!

  2. Those are all fantastic reasons to be cheerful!

  3. Beautiful post. Lovely to have you on board with #R2BC.

    Always great to find another person who is glass half full too!

    Mich x

  4. @Claire, I don't eat much of it either, but love feeding my clan of 1 :)

    @herding cats - thanks hon, LOVE your user name (big cat fan me :) )

    @Michelle - thanks for popping by, shame I missed your linky. Will get on board earlier next time and thanks for sharing the hash tag too - will try and remember to use it next week :)


All comments are much appreciated as I know it takes time and effort. But please let me know your thoughts!