Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The shortest stay at a party

I thought I'd do the right thing and sign up for Twitter. After all, it's the best way for a new UK Mummy Blogger to connect, right?

I dutifully fill in all the fields and start tweeting about some of the wonderful posts in this week's BMB carnival hosted by Zoe at Playing by the book.

So there I am merrily tweeting about two women who met in cyberspace and co-authored a book, congratulating Hot Cross Mum who published her ebook, and looking forward to sharing some favourite reads when I notice twitter is taking ages to update.

I can't follow any new people and my latest tweet is hanging like a hangy thing. THEN I notice my account has been suspended. After only five tweets!

No warning, no email, no notification just a big red 'ACCOUNT SUSPENDED' emblazoned across my cyber chest.

Now I figure it must have been reference to my tweet about Roxy who claims that despite outwards appearances, she's "not a bleedin' s** therapist". Sigh...

Never before have I been told off for using the S word...
It felt a bit like 'Your name's not on here and you're not coming in'.


  1. Glad to see your account is in full action again! lol

    Mich x

  2. Can you believe it's been suspended again. It's sooooo frustrating!


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