Wednesday, 4 May 2011

April captured

For this week's gallery, Tara, over at Sticky Fingers, wants us to post up a photograph that encapsulates 'April' for us.

My photo still carries on from last week's theme of 'green' because to me April is all about new life in the hedgerows and my garden. My hubby has to start cutting the grass, we need to weed the vegetable patch every day and last thing at night we go out for a walk through the local stream to engulf ourselves in the changes taking place around us.

A week ago, after a day planting in the garden, we walked through a field which had been recently ploughed. The farmer had planted up and these seedlings were pushing their way through. After my very 'abstract' method of planting, I couldn't help but notice how these looks like the running tracks we had for athletics at school.

I was also rather envious of his straight, weed-free lines of seedlings...


  1. You are right, it does look like an athletics track! Well done for taking the photo and using it for the gallery. April does mark the start of new beginnings in our wildlife and plant life. Which also means that summer is it far away! Yay!

  2. Love that photo. What gorgeous pattern, looks wonderful and will get more wonderful I imagine

  3. Fabulous, driving back from Skegness last week I saw so many fieds liek this and just wanted my camera! Mich x

  4. Ah, but he has farming equpiment to help him get those straight weed free lines. Great picture!

  5. Just like a school sports day.
    My try is over at

  6. Great picture. What crop are they?

  7. That really is quite incredible! Fantastic picture. x

  8. This is really fascinating.Thanks for sharing.

  9. gosh, makes my garden look like a complete bomb site!

  10. Hey Jenny, summer - yay! (although I think spring is my fave)

    Mummy Mummy, multiple mummy, isil, - thanks for stopping by

    Gemma - can't wait to see what it is!

    Michelle - hope you enjoyed your drive home :)

    Herding cats - well that's true; now I feel better about my wiggly lines and interspersed weeds...

    mumsarcade - looking forward to checking your photo out now

    Him up north - no idea, ask me again in a couple of months! but it's probably something for the sheep to feed on during winter.

    northenmum - I know, talk about straight row envy!

  11. What a fab photo :)


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