Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Floorboards and feathers

I'm a list tart, so imagine my delight when I came across Kate's Listography!

Each week she posts an invitation for all listaholics to share their 'top 5' lists, focusing on a particular topic.

This week it's all about simple pleasures, which couldn't be more fitting for me. I'm an easy-to-please gal and derive the utmost pleasure from the simplest of things that money can't buy.

Sunlight across my floorboards

Yep, go figure. It brings me tremendous satisfaction to be the first one downstairs in the morning and to walk barefoot across warm floor boards that smell of dust, linseed oil and home.

A freshly plumped bed

I have a decadent bed - it consists of feather mattress, pillows and duvet. Can you imagine what a feather mattress feels like? This is heaven in my bedroom and when it's all plumped up and I have fresh line-dried sheets on there I'm as happy as a happy thing on a happy day.

A clean bathroom

When my husband cleans the bathroom and invites me to take a bath, what could be better?

Petting a, erm, pet

Whether it's a rabb it, dog or cat I don't mind. If it's soft and furry it gets my vote, especially if that fur brushes against my feet or legs. (but cats are best because they rumble and purr too).

Watching the sunset

Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes that there can be so much beauty in one moment.

What about you? I'd love to hear one simple pleasure that you indulge in.


  1. Ok if that's your house I'm cutting all ties with you right now. (Good list though!)

  2. Alas only the floorboard and the rabbit are mine - the bathroom and bedroom were stolen from google images LOL!
    Can we still be friends?

  3. Almost asked if that was your bathroom but then noticed your comment! OK, you're forgiven and I'm no longer (as) jealous ;-) I grew up right next to a beach and watched sunsets (and even sunrises) almost on a daily basis. Think I really took it for granted growing up. But the nice thing about reading others' lists is that it does remind you of those things you took for granted. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you enjoy as many sunsets as you like :-)

  4. Reading your list reminded me of how much I enjoy these simple pleasures. A lovely antidote to a chaotic day.

  5. I like sunlight on the floorboards, enjoying the weather without the effects of hayfever and insects! I love sunsets too.

    Thanks for the comment on my page :)

  6. I'm sorry but I hate being the first one downstairs in the morning - so the sunlight on the floorboards thing is probably ignored while I'm yawning and wishing I was in my warm and snug bed.
    My child's laughter is probably my biggest pleasure. There's nothing better than a baby's first giggle ;-D

  7. thanks @ Alma - lovely to see you. I'm quite sure I took all this stuff for granted when I was younger!

    Hi Elizabeth; I love how these things are priceless really :)

    Hey tea and biscuits; lovely to see you - ah yes, hayfever and insects, not good...

    Hi Donna, I'm a morning person, so I get where you are coming from with that and can see why it wouldn't appeal in the slightest LOL! You can't beat a giggle though...

  8. amberjas,

    How could I forget sunlight across floorboards? In winter, one of my favourite things to do is put my feet right in the centre of the rays of light. One way of keeping warm.

    Thanks for reading my list as well.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  9. I love the sunlight on the floor boards! I am late with my list this week, I'll need to get a shift on!


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